I am a wife and mother to two gorgeous little boys, Leo who just turned 11, and Hartford who is 9. I am also an Interior Stylist and the Design and Decorating Presenter on Better Homes and Gardens on Channel 7.


What is your go-to look for a day at work?

If I'm filming for Better Homes, I have a "uniform" of tshirt or relaxed shirt, jeans and sneakers or work boots if I'm on a work site. If I have meetings I usually keep things simple with tailored jeans, a white tee and a blazer. You can't beat a classic look.


What is your favourite look from our Spring Summer ’23 collection?

I have always been mad about pink, so I love all the pink
pieces, but my favourite is the Evie Wool Pullover. It's such a lovely fine knit and so easy to wear that it will be a trans-seasonal staple in my wardrobe.


You are one of the hosts on BH&G, tell us about that? What is it like being on prime-time TV? What is a typical workday like for you when filming? Also as a little girl I used to want to be Dr Harry when I grew up! Is he as lovely as he comes across on TV?!

I absolutely love working on Australia's longest running Lifestyle show, it is a dream come true. Next year the show will have been on air for 30 years which is extraordinary! The cast have all been so welcoming, from gorgeous Joh Griggs who had my husband Charlie Albone and I over for dinner to her home when we first started on the show, to Adam, Melissa, and yes Dr Harry! I have to admit that when I first met Harry I was star struck. He is a true gentleman, and so knowledgeable. Filming with people like Joh, Harry and Grahame Ross (who has been on the show since the first episode 30 years ago!) makes me pinch myself. They are so professional and I learn from them every time I am fortunate enough to work with them. Similarly, most of the crew behind the scenes have all been working on the show for years. It's like one big family! 


Where is your go-to shop for interiors? What is your style like when you are redecorating?

I like mixing high and low pieces, and I am much more conscious these days about making sustainable choices. My own range of organic bamboo bedlinen from Bamboo Haus is my go-to at the moment because they are so soft to sleep on, are good for the environment, and have amazing natural properties like being thermo-regulating.  


What are your best tips for renovating an old house? Asking for a friend hehe 😉

I'd say don't try to make it too modern - all white and straight lines are great in a modern home but can be jarring in an older home. Allow the architecture of the home dictate the style and modernise it with decor and paint. Use beautiful vintage furniture, but give them an update with new upholstery in your chosen colour scheme. 



What are you currently reading I am currently reading Winning the War in Your Mind by Craig Groeschel, which I am loving. It's all about positive thinking and how important a resilient mindsets is in life. 

What are you binging on TV? Hilariously my husband Charlie started watching Singles Inferno on Netflix a few
Christmases ago. It's a Korean dating show, and it's very entertaining. They're up to season 3 now, and we're hooked.  

Podcasts? My husband Charlie Albone has a brilliant gardening podcast called "That's How We Grow". He's interviewed lots of famous people like Curtis Stone, Maggie Beer, Larry Emdur, Andrew Winter, and he's also just interviewed me! The podcasts are really fun to listen to, and fully of great gardening tips. 

Favourite flowers? Hands down, peonies. Pink peonies. My all-time favourite! 

What do you never leave the house without? Glucose tablets because I'm type 1 diabetic on insulin injections.  

Favourite scent?  am all about reducing chemicals in the home, and also in beauty products. I've found it really hard to find a good all-natural perfume, but I love the Vanessa Megan range. It's Australian and made with all natural ingredients. It doesn't last as long as synthetic perfume, but it smells lovely and I know it's not got nasty toxins in it. 

Favourite Fashion Brands? Iris & Wool (of course!), Academy Brand, Alemais, Maje, and English brand Boden 

Your first fashion moment? When I was 16 my Mum bought me a metallic silver A-line mini skirt, and silver vest. I wore a tee-shirt underneath. I remember thinking it was very edgy at the time, and I still have it. 

Dream Purchase? A larger house with a walk-in wardrobe.

Summer or Winter? Summer, definitely. I like cozying up in winter, but I can't beat being at the beach in swimmers and feeling the salty ocean water on my skin! 

Do you have a superpower?!I am type 1 diabetic which takes a lot of management. I feel like handling that, along with juggling family life and work, is my superpower.