For the Love of Merino Wool with Monique Currant

Monique is the curator of a blog and online store that showcases beautiful things for women and the home. Having married a cattle and grain farmer, living in central Queensland, north of a tiny town called Rolleston, Monique’s online community keeps her connected. She adores sharing snaps of her outfits, daily life, the garden and motherhood musings. She is a Mumma to four gorgeous girls.

“I never thought about wearing wool in the warmer months before discovering Iris and Wool. So incredibly warm, yet can be very cool with its moisture wicking abilities.”

Monique shares with us her love of Australian fashion, her favourite Iris & Wool piece and her dreams for the future.



Where do you live?

I am located in Central Queensland and live north of a tiny town called Rolleston. 


What do you do? (include link to what channel/s you want featured eg IG page)

I am a wife to a cattle and grain farmer, mother to four little girls and am a SAHM who sometimes does relief teaching at our local school. I also have a blog where I share all things I find beautiful for women (fashion, brands and small businesses), our homes and gardens. I adore sharing snaps of my outfits, daily life, garden (roses), blog and motherhood musings on Instagram and chatting to like minded women. Engaging with wonderful souls on social media has provided me with a virtual community which has been amazing, especially because I am geographically isolated. 

Instagram handle: @moniquecurrant



What do you love about Merino wool?

I love many things about merino wool including how it regulates temperature in relevance to its weight. It is so incredibly warm and can be very cool with its moisture wicking abilities, body temperature regulating etc. (I never thought about wearing wool in the warmer months  before working with Iris and Wool). Merino wool is also very fine and smooth and makes a product that is refined, stylish and incredibly elegant. I have personally never been a major fan of very chunky 'knits', so this type of wool is definitely a clear favourite of mine. 




What does Australian fashion mean to you?

As I live and breathe the primary industry myself, it just feels so good to be literally wearing something that is grown right here in Australia. Not only is the yarn pure, but it is a renewable, biodegradable and sustainable product. It's amazing to be wearing luxury products that have been sourced and created here in our own country. Often our best resources are sent overseas and it feels extra special to support fellow Australian producers and creators. 


What inspires you?

Beauty inspires me. My all time favourite quote by Charlotte Moss says that 'The greatest luxury is beauty - seeing it, surrounding yourself with it, having the ability to create it, or simply enjoying it'. I think we can live a life where our external world can reflect our internal world and by further enriched by what we choose to dress like and create a home with. Create a wonderful world within yourself first and then express and create a life from there. 


What’s your dream for the future?

My dream for the future is for people to know that they have just about all of the power and intelligence within them. That the world really is net positive, and choosing the lighter feeling in more moments than not in life really is the key to stacking the odds in your favour. 


What’s your favourite Iris & Wool piece?

This kind of feels like choosing your favourite child - but I am really loving the Sweetheart Wool Sweater in pink (the shape is divine) and will forever love the Little River Dress. 


Shop Monique's looks: the Sweetheart Wool Sweater here and the Little River Dress here and the Winnie Waffle here and the Catriona Sweater Dress here

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