Iris & Wool Opens It's Flagship Store In Burra

It has always been a dream of mine to have a space and a place to welcome people with beautiful things and a message of hope. When I was little I used to play ‘shop’ with my friends. I remember setting up a pretend shop with a counter & cash machine! 

Iris & Wool has outgrown the front room of our home! It has been the warehouse, the social media studio, the packing zone and the designing arena. All between nappies, wool, kids, toys and the farm.

Now we have a space and place to showcase Australian merino wool and to offer incredible customer service in regional South Australia. 

You will notice photos and gorgeous Iris flowers around the store. My beautiful mum is here in those. She was a lover of local stores in regional areas, as well as fashion. I actually remember her wearing the Burra born and bred label Saltbush! 

My husband did say never to employ anyone or open a shop, but whoops, I am doing both. I know he is thrilled for me and can’t wait to have his house back to a home, instead of the Iris & Wool warehouse!

People are becoming increasingly conscious of their spending, and I believe when purchasing luxury items, they want to touch and try and feel the quality in real life. Now they will be able to. We hope to offer that extra special customer service you don't receive when purchasing online. 

I think in today's age it’s so important to have a human connection, people want to buy from people. They want to know the back story of the brand and what a wonderful way to do it in the brands hometown of Burra with the flagship store.

We have a lot planned for this beautiful store…..including the few things that still need installing given we pulled this together in just over a month! Can't wait for the new lighting but we also plan to hold special events here. 

Opening hours: as we are a new store we will be trialling the below opening hours to see what works. If you have made a special trip to Burra please phone me on 0433716509 and I will see if between kids and farm I can meet you in store. 

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - 9-5pm

Wednesday - 9-3pm

Thursday - 9-5pm

Friday - 9-3pm

Saturday 9-1ish

Sunday - 9-1ish

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