The benefits of Merino Denim

Denim is a popular hard wearing fabric used in lots of clothing. As a label who focusses on producing Merino Wool pieces it felt like a natural fit to combine the two to create a Merino Denim which takes all the things we love about denim and merges them with the amazing fibre of Merino Wool to create something special. We are especially proud of this mix because it is custom made exclusively for Iris and Wool. 

Elephant Ear Jeans

But why Merino Denim? Denim is typically used in everyday pants, from men's workwear to women's jeans and in some cases even horse riding breeches due to it being a hardy and comfortable item of clothing. By combining Merino Wool we are able to take all the benefits of the fibre such as warmth, moisture wicking odour resistance and stretch, all the things you need to make the most comfortable jeans. 

Magic Breeches

After several iterations we feel that the latest blend is just right. We listened to customer feedback and have now made it a 4-way stretch which gives the wearer supreme comfort which means they can wear their jeans all day long. We have also made the blend a bit thicker than the first lot of Merino Denim we offered.

It really has been a labour of love to come up with this premium Merino Denim. There has been lots of tooing and froing for our Creative Director Emily Riggs but we feel that this led to us developing what we think is the best Merino Denim fabric out there. 

NOTE: Our innovative denim has 4-way stretch recovery, so inseams will stretch longer on the body. If you have any queries about what size you will need for the perfect fit don't hesitate to reach out to us, we'd be more than happy to help!

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