Tips for Styling Cable Knitwear for 2023

The cable knit sweater has been a classic staple for many Australian wardrobes since it first made an appearance on the pages of Vogue in the late 1950s. Why has the men’s cable knit sweater remained so enduring for the last 50 years? Is it our love of pure texture? Do we crave the nostalgia of handcrafted Australian wool clothing? Here at Iris & Wool, we take a look at why the men and women’s cable knit sweater has become a timeless wardrobe staple and how to style it in 2022/23.

It’s all About Australian Merino Wool

There is nothing like Australian merino wool when you want to insulate against the cold, snuggle up in your outerwear and avoid the clingy, sweat-inducing fabric of fast fashion. High-quality Australian wool clothing isn’t itchy on the skin and is completely allergy free! It also has special advantages like elasticity, wrinkle resistance, and breathability, that has made this material a favourite for any wardrobe.

Style Your Men’s Cable Knit Sweater up or Down

Make your men’s cable knit sweater the focus of your look and your statement piece in an outfit. Pair a men’s cable knit sweater from Iris & Wool with different textures, to achieve a chic and put together aesthetic. Contrast soft cable with denim jeans and leather boots or wear your piece under a leather jacket. Lightweight layering is a great way to combine your cable knit with a suit, basic tee or button-down.

Style Your Women’s Cable Knit Sweater with Textures

The women’s cable knit sweater from Iris & Wool creates texture from a single colour of yarn, keeping your silhouette simple. Wear your lightweight cable knit against the skin, or pair it with a shirt to upgrade your casual look. Wear it with jeans and trainers for a casual look, or pair with a pencil skirt for a more sophisticated look. To keep yourself on trend for 2022/23, pair your sweater with pointy ankle boots or high heeled mules. Large, oversized cable knit sweaters are also on trend for women when paired with a slim pencil skirt or fitted dress.

Invest in Quality from Reliable Sources

Shop online at Iris & Wool for your classic cable knit sweater for women, or contact us on 0433 716 509 for enquires about our Australian wool clothing collection.

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