JUNE 2024





When I first read this question, I instantly thought of my family. My family is who I am, and love is who they are. I love to show love, give love, and capture its essence through my lens.

When I was 14, I landed my first photography/content creation job for a chai tea company in Sydney. Each month, I eagerly awaited their products in the mail to create that month's content. Looking back, I realise I was an OG content creator. After high school, I delved into the realm of interior design and decorating at university, while also having an incredible opportunity to assist @genevazanderzeil in creating and capturing her content for her social media platforms. I’ll never forget my first day on the job—I had just finished high school two weeks early and I was off to Brisbane. I arrived not knowing what to expect and I walked straight into a shoot with Adairs. They had flown 3 stylists up from Melbourne for the day and we were shooting an at-home campaign of Geneva. The images I shot that day of Geneva hung floor to ceiling in every Adairs store window in Australia and New Zealand. I kept in contact with one of the beautiful stylists from that day, and all these years later I am now photographing her wedding in Melbourne next April. It felt like a full-circle moment when she reached out. I will always feel so grateful towards Geneva and the opportunities I had while working for her.

At 20, I officially launched my photography business. Since then, I've had the pleasure of photographing hundreds of clients and have been featured in Vogue three times, as well as in Country Style, Glah, and more. "I'm the luckiest lady alive," I often tell my husband, Jayden. We were married in January 2023 at Byron Bay, close to where I grew up, which is seven hours northwest of the farm at Wee Waa. Spending my life with Jayden is the main reason I feel like the luckiest lady alive; we both love vintage shops, fine dining, gardening, driving around the farm at sunset and just spending life


You are a talent in front of (and behind! taking all these images yourself!) the camera. Tell us where your love of photography came from?

Thank you! I have always loved creating beautiful scenes and spaces. Recently, I came across an article featuring Katie Crofty, who described herself as a 'fluffer,' stating, "I don’t just do one thing." When I read this, it instantly resonated with me. From a young age, I was redesigning my bedroom, arranging bouquets from my mother's garden, styling outfits with my sisters, and photographing them in the paddock next to our house. Photography has always been an extension of my creativity.

From early on, my dad documented our family's Christmas and birthdays with a camcorder, asking us interview-style questions that captured our little personalities at various life stages. Now, as a grandfather, he uses his trusty iPhone to continue this tradition. These videos hold priceless snippets of our history; I treasure moments like him asking me over Christmas breakfast, "What's your name and how old are you?" Hearing my younger self reply, "My name is Lillie, I am 4, and this is the best day ever," brings back sweet memories frozen in time.

My passion for photography really ignited in year 7 when I stepped into the darkroom at high school; developing my own images lit my heart on fire. I still vividly recall the prints I developed that day. When I was 14, my cousin Tom gifted me my first camera - a vintage film camera that he repaired and refurbished himself. I was hooked from the start.

When I decided to start my photography business, Tom purchased me a digital camera and had regular check-ins to discuss my progress. I credit much of my photography career to his guidance. It was with the camera he gifted me that I discovered my love for film photography—a medium that continues to resonate deeply with me today. The anticipation of waiting for your photos to develop, and the timeless quality of film images all contribute to my passion.


What is your go-to outfit for work?

My go-to look for the last three shoots has been my caramel AJE skirt and Iris and Wool Nerida Sweaterr. I'm an outfit repeater at photoshoots lately; it's so cold at the moment and the Nerida sweater is so warm and stylish, I can’t take it off!


Any tips for aspiring photographers out there?

Discovering your unique style and sticking to it is paramount. Straying from your authentic approach, even if it creates stunning results, will always feel hollow. When I started my journey, I experimented with an orange preset and repetitive location shoots at the same national park, mimicking what I saw other photographers doing. Yet, this approach felt inauthentic compared to my true passion: capturing candid moments on film (with some digitals in there) in the comfort of my clients' homes and gardens. With a film camera in hand and a preference for editing with natural tones, whether it is a newborn, wedding, or fashion shoot, I am photographing from a candid, emotive, and editorial aspect that reflects my personal style.

Instead of relying on poses borrowed from social media, I encourage aspiring photographers to set aside their phones and observe the space, light, and how your clients naturally interact with each other. Amazing things happen when you let go of imitation and embrace your creativity.

In today's photography landscape, I don’t think originality and creativity are sadly valued as much. I admit I've fallen into the trap of imitating others out of fear for ‘what if’ people don’t like what I produce. But I believe photographers should stop looking at each other for inspiration and start finding it in art, books, nature, and music. By nurturing your distinct style and embracing how you uniquely see the world, you can carve out a meaningful niche in an industry


What do you love about Merino Wool?

Australian merino wool embodies everything I love in a material: beauty, natural fibres, versatility, and comfort. It's a timeless choice. Plus, who doesn’t want an incredibly soft and luxurious feel on their skin?


What does Australian Fashion mean to you?

To me, Australian fashion is laid-back elegance and craftsmanship. There's a dedication to quality that runs deep in Australian fashion. I love investing in pieces that not only look good but feel good knowing they're built to last. I own a Country Road skirt from 2003 that I wear every week



What are you currently reading ? I try to read the Bible every day. It might not be the answer you expected, but I never get tired of reading it. It is the book of life.

What are you binging on TV? Bridgerton, The Chosen and Fire Country

What Podcasts are in your ears? "The Vendor Table," hosted by two hilarious wedding photographers. They discuss everything from wedding trends to the everyday life of photographers in the wedding industry. I also listen to "Style-ish" and any podcast that John Dolan or Daniel Kim are featured on, two of my all-time favourite wedding photographers.

Favourite flowers? Blue hydrangeas (our wedding flower).

Favourite scent? Si by Giorgio Armani. Forever favourite.

Favourite Fashion Brands? So many! Iris and Wool, Hastings Handmade, Damsonn Madder, Zimmerman, Gucci, Dissh, Grace and May, Blanca, Alemais, Nude Lucy, Hansen & Gretel, Lovaan, Country Road.

Your first fashion moment? There have been too many to count! 2006, my sister and her friend were snapping pictures on a tiny digital camera for Myspace. That night, I learned to pout and the art of taking a selfie—all while sporting rainbow leather shoes that I thought were the epitome of cool. I still have the photos. Ah, the memories!

Fave piece from our AW24 collection? The Elle Cardi in Seafoam is my go-to nearly every day. It's ideal for layering under a coat outdoors and keeps me comfortably warm indoors without feeling bulky.

Dream Purchase? My ultimate dream would be a stone homestead with chickens and a cow, a loyal Labrador by my side, and surrounded by a sprawling flower garden. However, if we're talking fashion dreams, owning a vintage black Chanel bag has always been at the top of my list.

Summer or Winter? I once would've said summer, but since marrying a cotton farmer, we irrigate all summer, so I am
definitely going to say winter now.

Holiday Destination? We are going to Japan in 2 months, which I am very excited about. It has the best vintage and second-hand designer shops; maybe the Chanel bag dream will come true!

Do you have a superpower?! I have ADHD. Some books describe it as a superpower, while others emphasise the challenges outweigh the positives. Throughout my life, I've struggled with managing distractions, maintaining organisation, and being on time. It has taught me resilience and the importance of developing personal strategies. This divergent brain of mine helps me see possibilities others might overlook; I always have a new idea ready to go. It shapes how I perceive the world, sometimes a superpower, and sometimes mental disabling.