Founder Emily Riggs Inteview with Catriona Rowntree on motherhood

After more than 25 years at the helm of Australia's favourite travel show Getaway, Catriona Rowntree  is arguably "Australia's Most Travelled Woman”. As a busy mum of two young boys and a fellow sheep farmers wife Catriona is an advocate for Merino Wool which is shy she loves her Iris + Wool pieces. 
As a relatively new mum myself I like to chat motherhood with fellow mums who are doing such a wonderful job. In the lead up to Mother's Day I caught up with Catriona to chat all things motherhood!
What is one life lesson you hope your sons/daughters will keep with them forever?
I want to say something philosophical like ‘make your passion your profession’, or ‘persistence leads to victory’, however truth be told, I just hope my children deeply feel that they are loved.
What is one thing your sons have taught you?
I’ve seen so much of the world, I’ve met people from all walks of like, knowing that there is one person in the world who truly loves you...can set you up for life. To feel loved, allows you to show love, a lesson so simple, but so effective.
The most surprising thing about becoming a mum?
That I could run the United Nations! Oh sure my heart has stretched, I smile from my eyes in a whole new way, but truly I can multi-task like a demon.
I’m writing now from after school scoffer, having just done a food shop, am planning all my work for the next week, play dates being booked. I’m on fire! 

What is one thing you do consistently to take care of yourself outside of being a Mum?
Hmm, I make my health a priority. I eat well, take my vitamins, do a little exercise here and there and take time out to sleep when I feel stressed. It’s nothing out of the box, however we’re only here once, so we may as well enjoy it. Our health is everything. 

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