Founder Emily Riggs Talking motherhood with Grace Brennan from Buy from the Bush

Grace Brennan started the hashtag Buy from the Bush to encourage Australians living in cities to support rural businesses in drought conditions. Buy from the Bush has helped showcase so many rural businesses, including Iris + Wool. Grace lives on a farm with her husband and three children 70km from Warren in NSW so as a fellow rural mum I caught up with her to chat about motherhood ahead of Mother's Day! 
What is one life lesson you hope your sons/daughters will keep with them forever?
Hmmmmm I hope that my kids have subconsciously absorbed a loving relationship and enduring friendship between their Mum and Dad. I hope that through us, they have learnt the joy of companionship, the challenge of sacrifice, the need for kindness and the satisfaction of a life spent learning from one another.

What is one thing your sons/daughters have taught you?
That every person has a unique offering to the universe. From the moment we are born, the way we approach things, the way we learn things and the gifts we have to offer are distinctive. It’s so easy as a parent to hope that your kids ‘meet your expectations’ in one area or another only to find that they exceed your expectations in some other area of life you didn’t even know existed.

The most surprising thing about becoming a mum?
How horrendous the first week after childbirth is!

What is one thing you do consistently to take care of yourself outside of being a Mum?
I often take time to be with Jack or friends without the kids. Adult company is so energising when you have been in Mum/logistics mode. Also, if I am somewhere where there is water, I go for a swim.

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