Harvest Time at Wandillah

2022 finally saw our 5 year drought end. The eastern side of Australia was devastated with floods but here in Burra and the Eastern Districts of Burra, we were celebrating the increase in rainfall. 5 years of drought certainly takes its toll on you, your family and livestock. Our children are 6th generation of the Riggs’ who have farmed our founding station “Murkaby” and this drought was the worst my father-in-law had witnessed. The rains during the second half of 2022 were so welcome! I always find it quite incredible how the bush responds so well to rain and remembers it is supposed to grow grass. The sheep must do a rain dance too! 

All the rain we received delayed our harvest start time, but we couldn't complain! We normally start at the end of Nov/early Dec and finish by Christmas but this year we were still going into January. ,  (Tom only just made our beach holiday!)

I don't work hands on during harvest, the machinery terrifies me.y husband’s cousin manages the cropping side of things on the farm. He is chief header driver, the chaser bin is split between my FIL & our other employee. I laugh at my father in law, who is 74 mind you, and one of the hardest workers I have ever come across. He is a sheep man through and through and doesnt “love” cropping. He often tells me he falls asleep in the tractor when he is waiting for the next load to be emptied into the chaser bin he is pulling!! (Of course the tractor is stationary when he dozes off).

My input during harvest is cooking the dinners for Tom and Thomas, yes confusing! Thomas is Tom’s cousin who manages the cropping for us. He does all the seeding in May plus spraying etc throughout the year. He is an agronomist and very good at what he does. Plus another very hard worker! This year they grew canola, vetch, barley and wheat and all has yielded really well. Our biggest harvest yet! Well done team!

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