The Adventures of Iris and Wool

The adventures of Iris and Wool, not quite like you are anticipating...


I have only had about 6 lambs (& 15 plus calves!!)  to hand raise during my 8 years of Burra farm life.

My current poddy lambs are affectionately called “Iris” and “Wool”. They are twinnies. One a ewe lamb and the other a ram lamb and my hubby can't quite believe how the ram lamb has grown into looking like he could be a stud ram!! Must have been Lucy’s milk bottles and teets I used when feeding them. hehe.

You may wonder how I came to be the adoptive mum of two twin lambs? 

Unfortunately it’s part of farm life. Sometimes their mums reject them, or their mums pass away prematurely. These two babies were sitting on the bank of a dam without their mother in sight, she had abandoned them. Tom brought them home.

They were more than a month old so it took me a while to win them over and become their new “mum”. Wool (the ram) was easier to sway and became besotted with me, Iris - not so much. She is still a little shy, now they are out in the big paddock. I didn't give up on them.It’s actually quite sweet. As soon as they heard me open the door they would start bleating and run to my direction and start nuzzling for the bottle!! The lucky twinnies are still going strong and get a biscuit of lucerne hay a day. I am obsessed with Wool’s nose, he gives me kisses!! Bless. 

Wool is my model until he gets too big and starts bowling me over!! Both are very loved and are feeling a lot lighter now, having been recently shorn. They look completely different with a haircut, but they still know I am “mum” and most mornings they come cantering to me to devour their biscuit of lucerne hay. 

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