Men's Merino Wool Knitwear: World's Finest Wool?

Fine grade merino wool is one of the premier natural fibres for apparel and has been compared favourably with cashmere, especially for luxury men’s wool jumpers and men’s knitwear Australia wide. Merino wool is harvested from merino sheep that are bred specifically in Australia for their fine fleece. It is available in different grades, from coarse commercial grade to the fine grade we use here at Iris & Wool for our merino men’s wool jumpers. In this post, we look at the universal appeal of merino wool and why it’s everyone's first choice for men’s knitwear Australia wide and across the world. 

Why Choose Merino for Your Men’s Knitwear Australia Wide?

Iris & Wool uses fine grade merino wool to create the soft touch yarn in our merino knitted jumpers. Here’s a few reasons why you should consider the best quality material on the market for your next clothing purchase or gift:

  • Our wool is 100% certified Australian merino. 
  • Merino wool is breathable, natural, durable and soft. 
  • It is moisture resistant and odour resistant.
  • It can provide exceptional warmth on cold days. 
  • Wearing woolen layers during winter can insulate against the cold. 
  • Even in summer, wool offers a natural, breathable material for crisp mornings.
  • It is easy to wash. 

Browse through our Tom Zipper knitted jumper men’s range online now to enjoy the benefits of high-grade wool or gift one to make your partner or family member’s special day!

Mens knitted knitwear

Where does the Wool in Our Men’s Wool Jumpers Come From? 

Fine merino wool is created from breeding merino sheep and producing the softest, most durable fibres. Unlike synthetic fabrics, wool is a natural material that is not made from chemicals, making it non-allergenic. Wool fibre has a unique scale structure which helps to make the merino fleece water resistant. At 22 microns, a fine merino fleece is finer than a human hair. Merino wool is biodegradable and renewable making it very ecofriendly.

Benefits of Wearing a Merino Knitted Jumper Men’s 

Merino wool is lightweight, durable and an excellent body heat regulator. Well-constructed men’s wool jumpers from Iris & Wool are durable and long lasting, because we prioritise quality. This fantastic material is renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly, so your purchase won’t cost the earth. Buying 100% pure wool means that the profits from sales are returned to Australian farmers.

Contact Iris & Wool on 0433 716 509 now or shop online for fine men’s wool jumpers and men’s knitwear Australia wide. 

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