The Characteristics of the Merino Wool Jumper

Australian merino wool is one of the finest fibres for pure wool jumpers. The fine fibres in high quality merino wool clothing are soft on the skin, breathable, natural and lightweight. Merino knitwear Australia wide is renewable and sustainable and here at Iris & Wool, we value the earth. We use 100% certified Australian merino for our pure wool jumpers and Australian wool clothing. In this post, we look at the unique characteristics of the classic merino wool jumper and why it’s a must have for your wardrobe.

Comfort Benefits of Australian Wool Clothing

Australian merino wool is warm in winter and regulates body heat in summer. The natural fibres of merino provide superior moisture wicking and odour absorption. Merino wool is also soft on the skin and non-allergenic, unlike chemical based synthetic fabrics. 

Merino wool jumper

Performance Characteristics of Merino Knitwear Australia 

Australian merino wool has high performance characteristics that makes it the ideal fibre for your pure wool jumpers.

  • Merino wool fibres spring back into shape, not allowing wrinkles to develop. 
  • Merino fibres absorb odours, keeping you fresh during the day.
  • Merino wool fibres do not generate static. 
  • The fibres of merino wool have a protective outer layer that makes it more difficult for stains to develop.
  • Merino wool absorbs UV radiation making it a good sun protection material.
  • Wool’s chemical structure makes it highly fire resistant. Wool needs a temperature of 570°C to 600°C before it will catch on fire.

Eco-Friendly Characteristics of Australian Merino Wool

Australian wool clothing is made from a renewable resource, sheep fleece, which is replenished each year. Merino wool will biodegrade harmlessly into natural components in the many years after its lifespan, meaning you are not costing the earth with your purchase.

Merino wool clothing from Iris & Wool is:

Our pure wool jumpers are made from fine 100% Australian merino wool. Shop online or contact Iris & Wool on 0433 716 509 for merino knitwear Australia wide.

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