Men's Sweaters: Ideas to Wear Sweaters Stylishly

The merino wool jumper is an essential fashion piece for any season. Men’s wool jumpers can soften a business look or act as an on-trend casual piece. In this post, Iris & Wool gives you the lowdown on merino wool clothing and offers some styling tips for modern men’s knitwear Australia wide.

The Layered Button-Down Look: Men’s Wool Jumpers

If you want to get your layered look just right, try the layered button-down shirt aesthetic. Choose a button-down collar shirt that fits you well and layer a merino wool jumper on top. A solid colour or patterned shirt works best for this look.

The pure wool jumper you use for layering should be standard size, or oversized. Medium weight and lightweight men’s wool jumpers are ideal, as they are extra breathable and won’t feel suffocating.

The cuffs and collar should be buttoned down. The button down look pairs well with either dress trousers or casual jeans. For a smart, casual look, pair with ankle boots and slim fitting black pants.

A lightweight merino wool sweater can also be worn under a suit jacket, blazer or overcoat. Try our knitted jumper men’s Stud V Neck for your button down look.

Chic Pure Wool Jumpers for Comfort

Try wearing our men’s pure wool jumpers directly against the skin. More upmarket than a basic t-shirt, our men’s wool jumpers in lightweight merino can class up your casual outfit, perfect for the office or dinner with friends.

Our wool jumpers here at Iris & Wool are made from fine merino wool fibres, so they’re soft and comfortable against the skin. The natural fibre has the huge advantage of wicking sweat from the body and working against wrinkles. Natural wool fibre is also non-allergenic, so it won’t irritate your skin.

Shop our knitted jumper men’s Tom Zipper sweater for your next date night and feel the difference in quality and comfort.

Enjoy Fashion Sustainably

Merino wool clothing is all about slow fashion and sustainability. We prefer timeless staples that are enduring and will be an active selection in your wardrobe for years to come. We recommend merino wool for all wardrobes, as it’s sustainable, long-lasting, and aesthetically hard to beat.

Shop online for merino wool clothing from Iris & Wool in Australia now or contact us about men’s wool jumpers on 0433 716 509.

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