Keeping Your Children Warm with Australian Merino Wool

Australian merino wool is a 100% natural, breathable fibre from the fleece of merino sheep, who are bred specifically for their fine wool. The fine fibres in Merino wool kids’ knitwear are soft on the skin and react to the changes in body temperature, naturally regulating body heat. 

Merino wool fibres create warm, soft, comfortable Australian wool clothing. The beautiful and soft girls’ and boys’ knitwear from Iris & Wool is long lasting and can be passed down from generation to generation. Here, we take a look at our most popular kids’ knitwear and explain why you should invest in merino knitwear in Australia to keep your children warm and comfortable.

Australian Wool Clothing: Base Layers for Kids’ Knitwear

Iris & Wool offers a selection of soft, breathable merino wool in boys’ and girls’ knitwear. We have even designed a fine merino singlet top that can be used as a base layer for any season. Our Australian wool clothing is certified 100% Australian merino, meaning it’s non-allergenic, comfortable and safe against your child’s skin. The merino fibres are so fine and soft that they won’t itch or irritate. Shop our Rose Top singlet now or range of girls’ knitwear and you’ll soon see what we mean.

Girls’ Knitwear and Boys’ Knitwear for Autumn/Winter

Australian wool clothing is warm and comfortable for children, making it the perfect investment for the colder months. Our popular merino jumper and cardigan styles offer excellent protection from cold and wet weather. Merino is a wonderful insulation material that keeps the temperature between the wool and skin stable. Merino wool wicks moisture, too, which prevents dampness and repels sweat and rain. Due to a protective layer of micro scales on the fine fibres, merino clothing is therefore perfect for outdoor play.

Shop the Thomas sweater from the boys knitwear range or check out our Purl Stitch Cardi from the girls range. 

Choose Merino Knitwear Australia Wide

Choose merino knitwear Australia wide for a lightweight, long lasting sustainable fibre that will protect your child from the cold. Our thoughtful kids’ knitwear designs from Iris & Wool will keep your child warm and comfortable for years to come!

Choose Australian merino wool for soft, breathable knitwear for kids. Feel free to contact Iris & Wool online or give us a call on 0433 716 509 for more information.

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