Soft yet strong, sophisticated yet effortless, cosy yet elegant.

Woven with intricate grace, wool, in all its captivating contrasts, takes centre stage in Iris & Wool's SS23 collection, aptly named Soft Power.

Quickly establishing itself as one of Australia's modern wool fashion houses, the Woolmark-certified label continues to explore captivating new spins on timeless knitwear styles this season.

Taking cues from a refined interpretation of minimal elegance, classics sit alongside knitwear knockouts — think fine gauge polos, woven dresses, and ribbed sweaters that seamlessly take you from casual comfort to elegant evenings.

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"I wanted this collection to be a testament to wool's irresistible allure -whether in slouchy, oversized silhouettes or sleek, fine-knit styles,"

says Emily Riggs, the Founder and Designer behind Iris & Wool.


Classic navy and cream harmoniously mingle with bursts of punchy pastels in sky blue, candy pink, lilac and aqua, enhanced by the playful charm of lolly-stripe polos. 

The delightful combination propels traditional knitwear beyond mere staples into captivating statements — an enduring signature that has swiftly become synonymous with Iris & Wool’s distinctive aesthetic.

"Each garment has been designed to offer something sumptuous and luxurious yet undeniably resilient. This intentional design approach reflects a soft power that aims to instil confidence in every woman who wears our pieces."

Emily Riggs, Founder Iris & Wool