2022 The Year of Iris Collaborations

At Iris & Wool we believe in creativity and collaboration. We like to explore and expand our horizons through the creation process, with like-minded individuals and other brands. It brings an energy to Iris & Wool, and joy to our customers. 

We would like to share a few of our most recent creative projects:

  1. The Catriona Rowntree Capsule Collection

Iris & Wool partnered with beloved television presenter and passionate wool campaigner, Catriona Rowntree, for a new capsule collection. Reimagining merino wool to present traditional knitwear in a truly modern way, the collection combines exceptional yarn with unparalleled comfort and sophistication to elevate five enduring wardrobe essentials.

Putting a contemporary spin on timeless cable knit and v-neck sweaters, the collection also introduces a unique “wheat stitch” — a subtle sartorial nod to the husbands of both Catriona and Iris & Wool Designer Emily Riggs, who are both farmers.

A Paddington Bear duffle coat and a “Merino meets Marilyn Monroe” ruffled knit dress — which uses 100% Australian Certified Merino Wool to striking effect — are both firsts for the brand.

Each design is named after a merino sheep-producing town in Australia.

 “As an ambassador for Australian Wool Innovation, Catriona is an incredible champion of Aussie Merino Wool,” Iris & Wool Founder and Designer, Emily Riggs.

  1. RB Sellers

In celebration of Iris & Wool’s vision to be part of the global slow fashion movement, leading the future of sustainable fashion and putting Australian wool on the map, RB Sellers approached Iris & Wool to create a bespoke collection of knitwear to be sold through the RB Sellers network.

RB Sellars as a family-owned Australian brand, with family values and community at its core, saw a strong alignment with Iris & Wool’s own values of resilience, integrity and community. 

Together we passionately showcased the making of this collection and the journey from farm to fashion.

  1. Incy Interiors + Iris & Wool

Founder & Creative Director, Emily Riggs, was listening to a podcast episode with founder of Incy Interiors, Kristy Withers, when she heard Kristy mention she would love to do a PJ collab with someone. Emily picked up the phone and called Kristy directly. Two creative minds came together to produce a luxuriously soft set of PJs.

Iris & Wool will continue to work with other founders, creatives, entrepreneurs and makers to bring to the world some very exciting creations with wool. We would love to invite you to continue on our journey and be surprised and delighted with what's to come.

And if you are a brand who would love to collab with us please email me emily@irisandwool.com as you can see I love a collab!!! 

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