Why Merino Wool is a Great Choice for Kids’ Knitwear

Fine grade Australian Merino wool is great for kids’ knitwear. Lightweight merino wool is made of extremely fine fibres that won’t itch or irritate sensitive skin. It’s particularly good for young children, whose skin is still developing.

Choosing merino wool for girls’ knitwear and boys’ knitwear from Iris & Wool ensures that your children only put natural fibres against their skin, and not artificial fabrics made through chemical processes. Merino wool fibres also approximate the feel and properties of our skin when it comes to temperature regulation and breathability, making it an ideal textile for children’s clothing and merino knitwear Australia wide.

Australian Merino Wool for Children

Merino wool is a natural, renewable fibre made from the fleece of merino sheep. It has the benefit of being non-allergenic, which makes it great for kids' clothing. It has insulating properties that offer warmth in cold weather and regulate temperature in hot, humid, chilly or dry climates. Merino wool is also lightweight, soft on the skin, odour resistant, UV resistant, stain resistant and is known for wicking moisture and absorbing dampness from sweat.

Kids knitwear

Benefits of Merino: Girls’ Knitwear and Boys’ Knitwear

Choosing medium to lightweight merino wool for girls’ knitwear and boys’ knitwear makes it easy to layer kids’ clothes for Australian weather conditions. In cold weather, more layers can be added underneath or on top of the kids’ knitwear, and in warm weather layers can be removed. Merino knitwear is robust and durable. It is wrinkle resistant and static resistant, too, meaning it doesn’t attract dirt and dust and is hard to stain.

Base Layering Ideas for Kids’ Knitwear: Merino Knitwear Australia

Australian wool clothing is great to wear in layers because it can touch the skin without causing itching or irritation. The merino fibres are soft and fine when placed against your kids’ sensitive skin. The heat regulation and moisture wicking properties of merino wool also means it can keep your child warm and dry during all sorts of play and activity, making it great for your child’s active lifestyle!

Order pure Australian wool clothing and kids’ knitwear online from Iris & Wool or contact us online, or by calling 0433 716 509.

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